Thank god these aren’t my dreams. 

I dream some weird shit. I remember once becoming a Jedi while I slept. I wish so much I could remember all of the details to tell you guys about that one. I have also had numerous Alien dreams and been in other scary situations but I am sooooooo glad that I am not Zdzislaw Bekonski. The Polish artist has taken to painting images from his dreams and let’s be honest, if these are his dreams the guy could have some issues.

My First Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream a long time ago. I realised I was standing in the lounge room of the house I grew up in. Definitely a dream as I now live thousands of miles away. Once I realised this was the case I jumped through the big bay window, smashing the glass and rolling on the ground outside. No Pain. Bonus.

After this I ran up the street where I saw an attractive looking woman. This is a dream right? I can do what I want. So I walked over and punched her in the face. I have to admit that I really really wanted to see her naked, but before I could do anything about it she disappeared. Literally just faded away. I then decided to jump through another window on the top floor of a house near by. I bent my knees and leapt from the street towards the window. I never made it. I woke up not knowing what was inside that house.