Chocolate on the floor

Only a small one today. 

Last night I dreamt that I was tydying the house when I came across a white towel. I lifted it and was shocked by the mess of brown sticky goo underneath. I tried to think what it could be then I remembered that my sons friend had been around and they were both eating chocolate. I remember them specifically eating it in that spot and figured they must have put a towel over it to hide the mess. 

Not much to go off, but can anybody tell me what it means. 

My weird brothel dream

We all have sex dreams. Don’t care who you are or where you come from it’s built in to our DNA to dream about the creation process. Like many others I don’t usually like to admit it but since I started this blog I recon I have to be open and honest if I am to really nut out what all my dreams mean.

So one night I had a dream that I was going away. I can’t remember if it was for work or just a holiday but I know for sure that I was going on my own. When I arrived at my destination I didn’t have a hotel and had to find my own accomodation. The very first place I checked out kind of looked like Forest Gump’s house in the movie. A big white weather board mansion. Outside was a massive flashing sign that simply read Motel. Now throughout the years I have never been fussy about where I stay while on holiday. For me it is somewhere to keep your stuff and sleep while you explore, that’s it, and it was with this attitude that I decide to stay in the Gump house. But upon entering I instantly noticed it was no ordinary Motel. I wasn’t phased at all by the dim coloured lighting or the scarily clad women that adorned the entrance hall. I simply walked to the reception and checked in. It was here that the receptionist asked which room I would like. I wasn’t fussed but when she explained that each room comes with a different women for the entire night I asked to see pictures. I actually chose a really slender girl with blonde hair, which is totally different to the type of girl I go for in my waking life. After entering the room I found her lying on the bed. The room looked like I imagine a brothel to look like. Not sure what made it so, but it just had that feel. I put my bag down and began conversing with the girl like we had known each other for years. It was here that I woke up or can’t remember any more.


My First Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream a long time ago. I realised I was standing in the lounge room of the house I grew up in. Definitely a dream as I now live thousands of miles away. Once I realised this was the case I jumped through the big bay window, smashing the glass and rolling on the ground outside. No Pain. Bonus.

After this I ran up the street where I saw an attractive looking woman. This is a dream right? I can do what I want. So I walked over and punched her in the face. I have to admit that I really really wanted to see her naked, but before I could do anything about it she disappeared. Literally just faded away. I then decided to jump through another window on the top floor of a house near by. I bent my knees and leapt from the street towards the window. I never made it. I woke up not knowing what was inside that house.


The Toe Nail

Ok I don’t get this one at all, it’;s just plain fucking weird.

So I’m a watch repairer by trade. Exciting I know. Well in my dream I was taking the back off a watch. It was a digital an in the back it had four screws. I took them all out and put the little screw driver under the edge to pry it open. As I did this I got an immense pain in my toe nail, yes my toe nail. I was if taking the back off this watch was like ripping off my toe nail.

I always thought that you couldn’t feel pain in a dream. Is this true? And what could this dream mean?