What is it with me and hookers? 

I wouldn’t say dreaming of hookers is a recurring everynight thing, but I have definitely had more than my fair share.

In this one the weird thing was that my young son was with me. I actually had no inkling that I was off to a brothel while we walked down the street and entered an old looking building laughing and joking as we always do. The hall way was decorated like I imagine a house from the 1800s to be, wood floorboards and panelling were the order of the day. Once inside I walked him to the lounge where, despite the old feel to place, there was a TV. He sat down and I left him. I went in to another room where a row of girls waited, naked. I picked one that had real woman curves. Hips, boobs, soft skin. I traced the shape of her body with my hands and we laughed. Then I woke up. 

My weird brothel dream

We all have sex dreams. Don’t care who you are or where you come from it’s built in to our DNA to dream about the creation process. Like many others I don’t usually like to admit it but since I started this blog I recon I have to be open and honest if I am to really nut out what all my dreams mean.

So one night I had a dream that I was going away. I can’t remember if it was for work or just a holiday but I know for sure that I was going on my own. When I arrived at my destination I didn’t have a hotel and had to find my own accomodation. The very first place I checked out kind of looked like Forest Gump’s house in the movie. A big white weather board mansion. Outside was a massive flashing sign that simply read Motel. Now throughout the years I have never been fussy about where I stay while on holiday. For me it is somewhere to keep your stuff and sleep while you explore, that’s it, and it was with this attitude that I decide to stay in the Gump house. But upon entering I instantly noticed it was no ordinary Motel. I wasn’t phased at all by the dim coloured lighting or the scarily clad women that adorned the entrance hall. I simply walked to the reception and checked in. It was here that the receptionist asked which room I would like. I wasn’t fussed but when she explained that each room comes with a different women for the entire night I asked to see pictures. I actually chose a really slender girl with blonde hair, which is totally different to the type of girl I go for in my waking life. After entering the room I found her lying on the bed. The room looked like I imagine a brothel to look like. Not sure what made it so, but it just had that feel. I put my bag down and began conversing with the girl like we had known each other for years. It was here that I woke up or can’t remember any more.